"Why should I care about a job that I know I'm going to leave?"

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There is a lot of talk these days about the ‘Great Resignation‘ (or the ‘Great Reshuffle‘ which I think is more accurate). Most of the articles I’ve seen focus on what employers need to focus on to keep good people in their business and attract new employees. This is of course super important, but even in this market that favours the employee and job seeker, we’re missing something important.

It’s easy to stop caring after you resign, but as individual employees we need to remember to fully lean into what we’re there to do until we go. Let’s unpack why.

  1. Boost your professional reputation and legacy. There is obviously a reason that you’re leaving, and it may not have been an amicable decision. But you’re still there to fill a role and add value to the company until a certain date. Regardless what you think of some of the people you work with, make sure to leave your desk, portfolio and responsibilities in the same way you’d like to find them in your new role. Even if you don’t like your boss, this is a way of ‘paying it forward’ and leaving things better than when you started for your team and your potential replacement. This does not mean you should work back late and burn yourself out. You just have to keep showing up fully until you log off on the last day. Remind yourself that you matter and your contribution is important, regardless of the circumstances of you leaving.

  2. Nurture your networks. It can feel a bit sad when most of the kind words about you or your work comes when your resignation announcement is shared, but you never know who is watching or how your paths may cross in the future. It can be a delicate balance to have healthy professional boundaries and at the same time not burn any bridges. Make sure to connect with those you want to keep in touch with before you leave and also be open to connecting with colleagues who you might not had a lot to do with. I’ve been fortunate to connect and stay in touch with some great people this way!

  3. Build your relationship with yourself. Possibly the most important point of all. Building healthy ‘follow through’ muscles is a professional (and general life) skill that will help you back yourself more often. Even if your boss is a jerk, your co-workers don’t seem to care and your role is overwhelming. Show up fully for what you’re there to do until the last workday and take pride in the effort you made for YOU.

If you’ve been made redundant, it can of course be a slightly different story, especially if this happened in a very personal and unsupported way. Sometimes you simply need to distance yourself from toxic workplaces and people. But more often than not, leaning in and being fully present is a way to connect with yourself and your professional value, regardless what’s going on around you. It also helps you through the process of closure so you can take on your next role with more excitement and energy.

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