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How to find your professional flow

Why professional flow matters

If you’re feeling stuck and unmotivated in your work and general career direction you are not alone! One of the most common challenges I see in my mid-career coaching clients is that they are stuck in a role that they are very good at, but they are no longer enjoying it.

The solution? Review your 3-legged career stool and reconnect with your professional flow!

3 legged career stool

“Why can’t I just be happy with what I have?”

I’ve had SO many clients say this to me over the past few years. Fully unpacking why you’re not happy or fulfilled in your work can take a few sessions, but the 3-legged career stool is a great place to start! 

Take 2 minutes and reflect over the following when it comes to your current role or career path:

  1. Are you experiencing some level of fun or enjoyment every week? Are you able to have a laugh with your colleagues, celebrate a win with a client or pat yourself on the back and smile for a job well done. If there is not enough fun or enjoyment in your working life, you will not be able to continue for too long. All challenge and no joy can suck the life out of the most positive and motivated person.
  2. Do you have healthy challenges and growth opportunities in your work? Note the focus on healthy here! Without challenge we get bored and it can lead to ‘boreout‘ which in some cases is just as bad as burnout. Every human needs to stretch and grow from time to time. Yet if there is too much unhealthy challenge we start heading towards burnout, and we all know this can also be very harmful. A better option is to ask for healthy doses of challenge that suits your learning and career path.
  3. Are you working with something that you’re naturally good at? This is an area where many people get stuck, because inevitably we will become good at things we spend more time doing. But if there is no joy or challenge, you will get bored after a while. Learning new things is obviously important, but it’s equally important to know your strengths and focus mostly on types of work that align with your natural tendencies and still helps you grow and learn!

The goal here is not for your 3-legged stool to be perfectly balanced at all times, but rather to be very aware when it starts to wobble so you can adjust it. Need some help to balance this out and make a new career plan? Book a free chat with me here!