Need a New Career Plan?

A healthy career will change, grow and challenge you, but it also means you sometimes get stuck on how to move forward. I am here to help you to find the role and company that lights you up and connect with work that feels meaningful for YOU!

I’m Emmy, a mid-career and transition coach. Since 2013 my coaching programs and step by step process has helped many people just like you plan out their next career steps. We do this in a way that helps you get to the core of your values and strengths. Most importantly it helps you align your work with your broader life for healthy professional flow.

Job Interview Support

Online and 1:1 sessions for job interview prep to make sure you put your best self forward at your interview.

Career Coaching & Planning

Online and 1:1 coaching sessions to build a career plan based on your values, skills and strengths.

Team Profiling & Training

Our group and 1:1 options are designed for companies to retain great talent and invest in your team!

How a career coach can help

I’m here to help you map out a career plan that makes sense for you! Career transitions are personal, so it’s important to learn and access support in a way that you prefer.