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corporate team coaching

Invest in your team & empower your staff

Keen to keep your team engaged and build healthy professional flow at work?

Corporate Team Coaching & Training

corporate team coaching

According to this Linked In study94% of employees would stay in a company longer if it invested in their learning and growth. Understanding individual and team strengths, skills and blind spots can help address a range of learning needs and ultimately improve business outcomes!

Keeping your staff members happy and engaged is key to retaining and growing your team. Not to mention, it helps build professional flow and momentum in your workplace!

We can help with this! Our programs help engage and retain team members and set learning and growth goals. As an extra bonus they also help build better communication and understanding of different personalities in the workplace to work better together. 

Our coaching programs and workshops

Team Profiling Workshop

Knowing you team’s strengths, skills and sweet spot is the key to great results. People working in their right element feel inspired and don’t need much motivation to do their best work.
In our half day workshop we unpack your team members unique profiles and help you work more clearly towards the company objectives and values.

  • Individual access to online DISC test prior to the group session.
  • Facilitated 2,5 h group session in workshop format with your team including a team matrix overview with a focus on understanding, awareness and areas of improvement. We recommend incorporating your company values, vision and mission here as well!
  • Individual PDF report shared with you and each team member
  • 45 min follow up session with individual team members can be added as an optional extra.

1:1 Corporate Coaching

This career profiling program helps your individual staff member build confidence and identify core skills, strengths and how to leverage these in their role. It also helps align with their career progression and growth within your organisation. 

The program is designed to support career progression and unlock skills alignment via a step by step action plan over 10 weeks.

  • 6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Access to 2 x online profiling tests
  • Bringing awareness to individual strengths, communication style and leadership skills through coaching and feedback loop.
  • A step by step plan to set development goals for your team member and align with your business strategy
  • Provide regular check in, accountability and adjustment of how they’re tracking

Tailored Workshops

Do you have specific ideas and objectives you’re keen to cover and expand on? We’re happy to work with you on a tailored workshop or format to achieve this!

Some of the topics organisations like to expand on:

  • Constructive Feedback and Communication
  • Team strengths and skills profiling
  • Workplace culture, values and working better together
  • Contact us or book a free call to discuss your objectives


Helena – individual coaching client

” Working with Emmy was incredibly helpful for me to narrow my focus of what I enjoy, what I need to focus on, and how to create goals and step out what I need to do to get there.”

Face-to-face workshop attendee

” I really liked seeing both the natural and adapted styles. I have done DISC a few times previously and haven’t seen this before, but it was really interesting! I also liked being able to see where everyone else in the organisation sat.”

Online workshop attendee

“Loved seeing the general team’s profiles and great to understand the different profile blends.

It was also good to learn about the different mindsets.”

Who is your coach and facilitator?

Hi, I’m Emmy.

I’m a certified coach and trainer who has worked with organisations and people in transition since 2013. I don’t like to see valuable time and energy go to waste, which includes organisations struggling to keep great people and help them work better together.

That’s why I love working with organisations to help train and support their team members to grow and align their career path with the company vision and goals. Working better together is made easier by introducing simple and proven tools to help your organisation grow.

I’ve enjoyed a varied career of different roles myself (across a range of large corporates, not-for-profits and smaller consultancies) and know first hand how rewarding it is when your team finds flow when working towards a goal that matters.

emmy petersson career coaching