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emmy petersson client testimonials

Client testimonials

“How do I know if career coaching will work for me?”

What our clients say

Career coaching provides tangible results! But how do I know that it works?

Check out these client testimonials from some of our past clients. You’ll get a feel for both the results they saw in their career and how they found working with us!

Over the past few years I have…

  • … helped 100+ individual career coaching clients work to their strengths and find more meaningful work
  • … delivered 50+ workshops, webinars and group coaching session
  • … unpacked 200+ personality profiles and translated this into helpful recommendations for clients and workshop attendees

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Individual Coaching Client Testimonials

Jo, New Zealand

I have loved working with Emmy, and can really recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a career change. I came to her at a time when I wasn’t getting a lot of fulfilment from my role, but was unable to articulate why I was struggling, and therefore didn’t know what I needed to change.

Emmy really supported me to understand my strengths and values, and to see how I can use them within both my work and home life.

As a result, I’ve both been able to get a new position which is playing better to my strengths and has given me back my energy.

I have also been able to focus on the ‘what next’ question so I can prepare for the next step in my career – this coaching has given me direction that I’ve never had in the past.

Pedro, Australia

“I loved working with Emmy, her professionalism is second to none. I came to her very confused about the next step in my career and somewhat stuck.

After a few sessions working with Emmy we put a plan together, and in much shorter time than expected an opportunity opened up for me.

Re-focusing my career and re-evaluating my values alongside Emmy opened up the next opportunity as we explored the why, the what and the how. I also love how is not about the short term but rather a long term view on your own career.

Mark, Australia

“I feel deeply fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to go through the transition program with Emmy. The support and dedication she provided me, in and out of our sessions, challenged me to go well beyond what I had expected.

Her program taught me a great deal of important and meaningful insights into my own inner workings and I feel confident that I have the resources and foundations to construct a more fulfilling life; I would not have been able to do it without Emmy’s guidance.

I would recommend Emmy to anyone considering any type of personal or professional development, her program is invaluable!”

Kathryn, Australia

” Working with Emmy has been so very rewarding! I have learnt so much about myself, been challenged more than I thought possible, I’ve grown and most importantly, I’m in a much better place than before.

Emmy was a coach, mentor and friend all rolled into one. She was 100% present EVERY TIME and I felt she truly listened and offered insights, tools and support to help me work through my challenges. If someone had told me how different my life would look and feel 6 months ago, I would have found it hard to believe.

I’m extremely proud of how far I’ve come and I’m extremely grateful to Emmy for helping me get here. I can not recommend Emmy highly enough for anyone looking to make a SIGNIFICANT, LASTING change. It’s an investment in yourself that you deserve!”

René, Canada

“For those of you on the fence, you can trust Emmy and the process she has created. Already committed to making change before I met Emmy, I started talking to knowledgeable people, watching documentaries & Tedtalks, attending courses & workshops, and listening to audiobooks.

I knew that would achieve change and was skeptical that a coach was even necessary. Looking back, it has been a crucial component in my transition. Emmy has facilitated my journey in ways that I wouldn’t have thought. Sessions are personalized, adaptive, pointed, insightful, and can bring something to the table that books and documentaries won’t: connection, compassion, momentum, and accountability, to name a few.

There is an overwhelmingly massive amount of personal growth material available to consume. Emmy has already spent years of distilling information and experience into a process that can fast-track your growth. She is a great coach and a wonderful person.

Evelina, Sweden

When I first contacted Emmy my work life had taking a turn, not in a positive way. This was my first experience when it comes to coaching and it was really positive. It was interesting to start thinking in a different way and see my daily thoughts and routines in a new light. To have started to develop the ability to see things in new perspective is mind boggling.

Emmy is easy to talk too and has a positive and problem solving attitude – and that was something I really needed. I feel more positive and structured and I have received good “tools” to keep this process going.

And also I’m surprised that it only took few sessions to notice the difference. I would recommend this to anyone who has found themselves in a rot or just want to see life in a different way and need an extra push to be able to change.

Sarah, Australia

I would highly recommend Emmy if you need clarity on your goals and direction!

The structure of the program is clear and concise. It allowed me to gain an understanding of how and what I am motivated by, and how to tailor this to achieve a different outcome and direction in my career.

If you are feeling stuck or little lost, this program is definitely for you! “

Michael, Australia

“This program helped me to define my strengths and gain the confidence to apply them more often and more effectively. At work and in my personal life, I’m now finding it easier to navigate relationships and get the best out of myself.

Emmy’s enthusiasm, insight and diligence throughout the program made me want to learn more. I looked forward to each session and now want to continue on the journey of discovery Emmy’s put me on. I wish more people could have the opportunity to get to know themselves and those around them like I just have! “

Pil, Australia

“Emmy was recommended to me by a friend and from the first time I spoke to her, I knew she would be great for me. She has the most amazing energy, is extremely supportive and has helped me discover what I need to do to make a positive change in my life.

Emmy is not only an incredible career coach but she also went the extra mile to help me deal with things from my past that were impacting on my self confidence.

I am very thankful for the work we have done together and for the insight and advice she has provided me with.” 

Leah, Canada

“Coaching with Emmy gave me invaluable insight into how I work, what I truly value and how I can use this knowledge to create a life where I feel fulfilled.

I had some knowledge of goal setting and what I wanted in life before talking to Emmy, but she really helped me hone in and pin point what specifically I need and gave amazing suggestions on how I can best do that.

Her enthusiasm and her insight makes Emmy an absolute pleasure to work with.

Tathra, Australia

Emmy helped me uncover some blocks I didn’t know were there and was able to hold the space for me to explore with such grace and professionalism.

I would highly recommend her if you are in any kind of transition in life or feel stuck. She is highly skilled and really knows her stuff, as someone who does a lot of personal development myself and who coaches others in my own practice, Emmy really impressed me.

Casey, Australia

I was searching for some direction in regards to my professional career and felt that I lacked the time and incentive to dedicate to moving forward. Professionally this meant that I had reached a point in my career where I felt I could progress no further and the situation had become negatively stagnant.

After just a few sessions with Emmy I felt that she helped me expand and replenish my toolkit and increase my ability to focus on and interpret any issues and obstacles I now face with a new perspective.

Since my sessions with Emmy I have successfully managed to take the appropriate steps to changing careers and moving towards a life of increased fulfilment both personally and professionally.”

Tom, Australia

“As someone who had previously never considered working with a coach I would now recommend it to anyone who wants to take their life from “good” to “great” and beyond!

I found the process of working through different ideas with Emmy to be highly beneficial. She suggested different ways to think about things, provided practical tools to help the process and offered valuable insights. The changes I have implemented as a result of my sessions with Emmy have not only made a difference to my day-to-day life now but will continue to be valuable in helping me achieve my long-term goals as well.

Possibly the best part about working with Emmy, though, is her energy and positivity. She excels in creating a relaxed atmosphere and fostering openness and clear communication.

Stuart, Australia

I came to Emmy at a difficult intersection in my career, I was unsure of what steps I could take to progress from my current position and didn’t know how I could move into a more of a leadership position with my organisation. Emmy was able to help me deconstruct the issue and identify the tools I needed to progress. We then work through an action plan to overcome the challenges facing me, providing me short and long term goals.

Even after our first session, I noticed an immediate change in how I worked professionally and felt more empowered to make choices, lead a team from junior position and drive projects in the workplace. I’ve also noticed improved personal relationship as Emmy’s coaching has provided me with the tools to identify and work the best with the different personalities I come across day to day.

Craig, U.K.

“Emmy was recommended to me by a family member and after travelling the world for a year money was tight… but she came so highly recommended I just had to meet her.

Even from our initial meeting I knew she was going to help guide me to some big changes in my life. She gave me the tools and guidance to help me see my potential.

I knew I had something special in me but I just couldn’t figure it out, but Emmy really helped guide me along that journey and now I feel like life has really begun. Your life is made up of time, not money, and Emmy is definitely worth spending that time with. My only suggestion for anyone doing this is don’t half ass it, bear your soul during your sessions and you will reap the rewards. She is someone you can definitely trust.

Online Programs and Workshop Testimonials

Therese, Sweden

“I attended Emmy’s workshop at a period of my life when I struggled with concentration and information attaining. Even in this state I found Emmy’s way of presenting information and engaging the participants to be super accessible. I could easily follow along, and though simple exercises Emmy guided us to our core needs and values.

Emmy’s brilliance comes through this simplicity and I was left wondering how it can be that I have always been confused about these things in the past. I highly recommend this workshop! 


“WOW! This was informative, challenging and so helpful. She includes a very detailed and organized worksheet that you can work on while the lessons progress.

Emmy Peterson has such a positive and encouraging attitude. It was a great class. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a new job, changing careers or going through a mid-life crisis.”


“I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s not quite sure if they’re in the right place professionally.

It includes some interesting and thought-provoking exercises for self reflection. Really enjoyed it.”

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