Tell me more about The Bridge Coaching…

The only constant thing in life is change. It can happen quickly, or take a long time. It can be initiated by you, or it can happen to you.

Regardless how it comes about, we believe everyone needs a bridge from one side to the other. We value integrity, action taking, responsibility and having fun in all the work we do!

Emmy Petersson and The Bridge Coaching always strive to share the tools, resources and support to make sure you get to the other side and that you do so comfortably and with pride. Our range of free resources, online programs and individual programs offer options for every budget and type of transition.

About Emmy Petersson

Why The Bridge Coaching?

Since childhood I’ve always been curious to learn new skills, languages and build points of meaningful connection. With the future of work already changing the job markets and the way businesses operate across the world, I believe we need to foster that type of curiosity and help both people and organisations to grow and transform their skills and points of difference. 

I’m a certified coach who has worked with people in transition between career changes, countries or challenging life situations since 2013.

I’m a believer in breaking things up into manageable steps, because every single person can benefit and grow from changes and transitions in life.

Originally from Sweden, my curiosity and passion for travel and exploring has taken me across the world (via Europe, Asia, the U.S. and the U.K.), before I made Australia my home in 2010.