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Online (Self-Paced) Programs

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Know that you need to update your CV and Linked In profile, but feeling flat on energy and inspiration?
Unsure where to start with building you professional profile and welcoming better opportunities? I’m here to help and believe it or not, we can do it in only an hour if you really focus and work through the steps!
This online program will help you update your Linked In profile, build out your CV and get ready to level up at work. Sign up here!

level up your career online course

Ready for a career change, promotion or want to increase your profile at work?
Creating both quick and lasting change in your life and work is all about habits! This online program gives you 25 small, but powerful steps and tools you can start to build new career habits, get some quick wins and measure your progress.
If you feel exhausted, fed up or bored it can be very hard to work up the energy and excitement to see that a career change is not only possible, but totally within your reach. Sign up here!

Need to nail that job interview? This online program helps boost your confidence and prepare for any job interview in less than an hour!
* Three structured steps to prepare quickly
* A simple workbook to track your notes and progress
* The most common job interview questions
* Bonus tips: how to follow up after the interview *
30 day money back guarantee Sign up here!

1:1 Career Coaching

1:1 coaching helps you take stock and build a career plan based on your values, skills and strengths.

1:1 Life Coaching

Get help with your career situation plus overall life and schedule to re-prioritise and get back on track with a life you enjoy.