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Yes – sometimes it is really hard

Most people seem to wish for a world where it’s all lovely and happy. Where moving from one place to another is a smooth and controlled exercise where everything goes according to plan. Well, I think we need to be honest here.

Sometimes things do go wrong. Sometimes the path you chose seems endlessly long. Because life get’s tough sometimes for all of us. The difference being that some of us choose to see the learning and to find the solution, even when it’s tough. To work through the problem and move past it a little stronger and wiser. Whereas others stay stuck and feel like they can’t do anything at all because ‘all this stuff keeps happening to me‘.

A while back I wrote a post about cause and effect which is a big part of this thinking. Because life does not get easier to more aware you become. But the challenges do get easier to deal with when you know that you have a choice.

I’ve had many times during my relocations over the past few years when I’ve been a crying little puddle because things where too hard and overwhelming. It’s ok to cry those tears if you need to. Let whatever emotions bubbling up come out. Be angry, sad, hurt or frustrated. But then decide when it’s enough, reach out for support (if you need it) and start working past the challenge.

As a coach I help people move past the challenges and introduce not only options of what to do, but also how you can go about it. When things get tough you need a support team more than ever. If you don’t have one, that feeling of being stuck can linger for much longer than it needs to.

Every single client that I’ve worked with has showed me immense courage and ability to overcome their obstacles. The learning that comes out of it each and every time shows the same thing. Don’t wish for a world without problems. Instead get the tools and thinking to deal with the problems that come up and grow from them.

Life is uncertain and sometimes and the more uncertainty you can handle, the more successful your journey will be!