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Whose advise do you listen to?

To relocate from one place to another becomes a lot about advise. On the things you need to do before you go and the things you need to do once you get there. Not to mention all the things you should avoid and the places you must absolutely see.

Taking advise or feedback from people is something that can sometimes be quite confronting, and that’s why I wanted to raise it in this weeks blog.

Good etiquette when it comes to giving advise is to first ask if the person is looking for feedback or is even interested in your opinion. Many people choose to not apply this respectful approach, and as we can’t control other peoples behaviour, it’s much easier to work with our own way of receiving advise or feedback. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t! 🙂

I believe that anyone we meet can teach us something new. When I’ve relocated in the past, I have always asked people about their experience of relocating and if they have any tips for me. I always pay special attention if they have moved to or from the place I’m going to. This belief has served me quite well overall, but I have now chosen to tweak it a little bit to make it even more clear.

If you want to use a resourceful approach to receiving advise or feedback, I can highly recommend the following:

  1. Receive everything and decide later. Take on board any information or advise that you are given and capture it somewhere. Even if it’s not helpful right this minute, it could come in very useful next week, next month or even next year.
  2. Even if you don’t agree with what the person is saying, be grateful for the time they have taken to give information to you. Just because it’s been given to you does not mean that you have to use it. Kind of like some of those unwanted Christmas and birthday gifts through the years. You can thank people for the gesture without using the gift.
  3. This point is really the key!  Make sure to ask yourself all of the below questions when you decide to take advise from someone:
    – What has this person done in this area?
    – What results did they get?
    – Is that what I want?
    If the answer is negative to all or most of the above questions, just apply point 2 and move on.
  4. Accept that you only need about 80% or less of the information in order to make a decision on something. If you constantly seek out information or advise from people to get to 100% before you do anything, you’ll most likely find yourself frustrated, confused and tired. Settle for 80% or less and move on to make the decision of your next step.
  5. Trust your intuition and gut feeling to make the decision that works best for you right now. Journeys abroad are full of changes, development and growth. All you need to get moving right now is to take the first step. The other steps will follow organically as soon as you get moving.

What is the best travel advise anyone has ever given you?