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Where do I start when making a career change?

We spend a lot of time talking about work. If you listen to the people around you at a cafe, public transport or an event, you’ll find there is a high chance they’re talking about work. How they don’t like their job, how they are really busy or how their manager is not a great boss. 

Unfortunately the vast majority don’t really like their job, yet sadly many choose to not change their situation. There are so many reasons for this (financial obligations, procrastination and fear to name a few) and they are all valid. 

Yet the biggest thing I hear from my clients when we kick off our work together is “I wish I would have done this years ago!” 

Because we don’t get time back. We owe it to ourselves to leave situations that no longer serve us. We outgrow jobs and organisations the same way we outgrow some friendships, clothes and houses. They used to fit us, but not anymore. 

So the simple answer is that once we notice that something isn’t right (anymore) we need to start taking action. How then do you take action when it all feels a bit hopeless? In our short FREE online program The First Step I share a few short key tips to get you started. If this is what you need right now, you can get free instant access here.

Nothing will get better by itself, so the best way forward is to start taking a few small steps today to change your situation more than you thought you could!