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What to do when everything feels too hard

Sometimes we KNOW we have to do something, but it all feels too hard to start DOING something about it. Sounds familiar? Of course it does, because everyone hits those points from time to time.

This is especially common if you’re gearing up to move countries and change jobs, because this will require that extra energy and action. So rather than simply pushing through that difficult time, feel free to use some of my favourite tips below.

  1. Take a break. Not for too long, but decide to give yourself a day, evening or weekend off. When we experience physical and emotional resistance we need to listen. Pushing through can sometimes be helpful, but sometimes it can actually make us ill. Learn to truly listen to yourself (same as you would listen to someone you love)!
  2. Talk to the right people. These are not necessarily your ‘default support crew’. Ask yourself “Who could really help me right now?” Sometimes we need to complain or just be heard. But sometimes what we need more than anything is advice from someone who has walked that difficult path before us and can keep us accountable.
  3. Get excited about what’s possible. When you’re done feeling low and sad (or binge watching your favourite show on Netflix) – start getting excited. You might not be able to fully see the view from where you’re sitting right now, but if you stay where you are, all you’ll get is more of what you have now. There are so many things that will open up if you just start moving!

Changing direction in life takes courage. It’s usually not the easiest path, but it’s definitely the road worth taking. The key thing to remember on those crappy days when everything is just too hard is this:

The goal is not to have a life free of challenge and change, but a life where we are strong and capable of dealing with anything that comes our way. 

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