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Travel pain – when relocation is not fun

I wish I could just be happy and feel like I belong here. I wish people would just understand me. Accept that I’m different. I wish I could really get on board and build a life here. But what am I supposed to feel about all this?

Those are all thoughts I’ve thought and tortured myself with from time to time during my many years overseas. Most of the time I’ve enjoyed the changes that my travels have brought, but there has been many times when I’ve felt completely numb, heartbroken and it’s all been too hard.

Every individual who moves into something new will feel different. Some adapt quickly and for some it takes much longer. The key thing is for us to accept ourselves (event when things feel awful) and dare to ask for help. I sometimes feel sad when people say ‘Oh, Emmy, I wish I would have met you 5 years ago when I did my last big move, it was awful. Your services would have been a godsend then!‘.

I really wish that we’d stop suffering in silence under the illusion that relocation is all fun and games. Because anyone who has done it can tell you it’s not all fantastic. It’s all sorts of everything crammed into a very short time period. And if you think about it, if relocation was easy and effortless for every single person, wouldn’t more people do it?

This really got me thinking about how most of us approach relocation and long travels. Some of us stare straight into the sun for so long that we get blinded by all the amazing and cool things we’re anticipating, that we forget about some of this things that really hurt.

This is where you come in. Sometimes the emotional roller coaster of a big move won’t let us stop and think. All we know is that at some point when we’ve been running really fast for a long time, things will come to a quick and painful stop when our feelings catch up with us. If you have a friend or family member who is moving, invite them to check out our blog for free tips on relocation. Ask them how they are actually doing. If you are in this position yourself and identify with today’s blog post just get in touch with me for a chat.

Sometimes the hardest thing to admit is that things did not turn out the way you thought. So choose to get support across that bridge instead of staying put in something that’s not getting better. I’ve helped lots of clients get out of pain and into enjoyment of their move. If you let me show you how I did it, then your move will be a lot smoother as well.

It’s not about creating a life or a move completely free from obstacles. It’s about having all the tools ready, so that when the obstacles might come, you know how to jump over them.