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Travel core needs – the finale!

It’s time for the grand finale of our blog series about the 6 core needs for travellers! Over the past 4 weeks we have been exploring how these needs can be met resourcefully or un-resourcefully for the need for certainty, the need for variety, the need for significance and the need for love/connection. The final 2 needs that we’ll be exploring this week can’t be done un-resourcefully. Each of these two needs is simply important for you and how you make decisions or it is not. Nothing un-resourceful about it!

  1. The need for certainty/safety/comfort
  2. The need for uncertainty/variety/adventure
  3. The need for significance
  4. The need for love and connection
  5. The need for growth
  6. The need for contribution

So what are these two needs really about then?

The need for growth is strongly focussed around learning more, evolving and wanting to gradually gather more resources or experiences in life. In coaching we often say that you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting.

Someone who is driven by growth will always be looking for ways to learn more about themselves and the world. They will feel excited and curious about the fact that we never ‘arrive’ to a place where we are finished in terms of learning. A person driven strongly by growth will continue to learn and evolve constantly until the day they leave this world.

This need is often strong (but not always the driver) in travellers and relocators. Moving to a new place to learn, exchange experiences and evolve into the next version of themselves is a very resourceful ‘side effect’ of the core need for growth.

The need for contribution evolves around a need to contribute and work for something greater than just the individual. A person driven by contribution will be active in volunteer work and ways of giving to others, without necessary getting anything (material) in return. They are happy giving time and resources generously to improve the life for others. Most likely someone strongly driven by this need will be living life by asking the key question ‘How can I serve this person/situation?’.

Like I mentioned when we started this series, we all have a little bit of each of these needs within us. The key is to identify which 2 core needs are your drivers (i.e. strongly determine how you make decisions across the board in your life). Some of the clients I have worked with have said that they make decisions very differently across different areas of their lives (more able to take risks at work compared at home in their relationship etc), but the interesting thing was that when we looked deeper into it, their decision-making strategies were more similar and ‘hard wired’ than they thought. Also remember that just because a need is not your driver (of decisions and behaviour) does not mean that it’s not an important part of your life.

So where to now? If you’re more curious about the 6 core needs you can look them up online (Tony Robbins has written a fair bit about them) or set up a free mindset exploration session with me to have a chat about your core needs in your move.

Our core needs are more important than many people realise, so choose to figure our your 2 drivers early on in your journey and save yourself a whole lot of emotional trouble!