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To settle or not to settle?

The other week we explored language and how you can move past the blocks many people feel around how to language what they feel. The beautiful thing with many languages is also the two (or sometimes three or more) different meanings some words and phrases have.

One of my favourite words to play with in the English language is settle. Most of my work with expats revolves around helping them land and settle in their new home (or back in their country of origin), which really is all about being settled within yourself as well as feeling balanced and confident that you can handle life in an unfamiliar place.

The other side of settling is that some people choose to settle for something less than what they want. Which is a whole different concept altogether. So today I wanted to chat to you about what settling really means in the context of moving and how you can choose to think about it.

In order to settle somewhere (for a short or longer period of time) in a sustainable way you need:

  1. Clarity on your big reason why you’re here. Being clear on your why means that you won’t settle for something you don’t want and that you feel more comfortable within yourself.
  2. Have clear short and long term goals and review them regularly. Your big why helps you land in the first place, but having goals (and checking in with them) helps you grow steadily without uprooting who you are or settling for something less than you deserve. Successful and happy people are very good at this element and unfortunately most people only set goals at the start of the year (in the form of wishes or New Years resolutions) and then leave things there.
  3. Accept that change is the only constant thing in life. No matter where in the world you are, things and people will keep changing. For some people the concept of settling is to set up camp and never move again. But in reality there are a myriad of reasons as to why you most likely will move again. Sustainable change helps us grow and avoid settling for something lesser than we want or feeling stuck. Just accept that things are always going to change, but you can still choose to feel balanced, grounded and settled within whilst that happens!
  4. Be proud of your footprint. The world really needs that thing that only you have. Be aware of where you plant your feet and make your mark in this world, but make sure to be proud of it too. Never settle for less and always choose to live from a space of strength and balance within. That’s how you can settle in with who you are and help others do the same for themselves.

To settle in a resourceful way is a true balance and these tips help make sure you land without settling for something you’ll one day regret.

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