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To get started & keep moving

There are two great abilities that successful people seem to have in common. The first one is the ability to start new projects or adventures. The second one is to be able to keep going even when it’s tough.

I get many questions from clients about where and how to get started with something new. Having studied human behaviour for a few years now, I have gathered quite a few tips that come in very handy when starting something new. With 2015 kicking off today, I figured you might find these tips useful as well.

  1. Listen to yourself and tune into what you really want. If you could choose freely, what do you want to do in 2015? Who would you be around? What would you focus on? What would you choose to learn?
  2. As soon as you’re clear on what you want (go travelling, move to a new place, find a new job) – start looking at your why. How come this specific thing is so important to you compared to other things? Read more in my previous blog post how important it is to be really clear on your why. The ‘why’ is what fuels you when the going gets tough!
  3. Set up realistic short term goals to help take you to your big goal. Once you know your big hairy goal for 2015, make sure to set some short term goals (ideally no more than 1-3 months away) and celebrate these milestone goals when they have been achieved. It’s important to celebrate the milestones just as much as the end goal, otherwise you risk running out of energy and focus along the way.
  4. Have fun! All work and no play can make most of us a bit tired. A New Year is a new beginning. Give yourself the gift of commitment to your dream this New Years Eve and have some great fun along the way!

Happy New Year to all you readers out there and thank you for your support, comment and questions this year. I look forward to a fantastic 2015 and many more cool conversations about relocation and travelling!