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To be enough

It seems to be a human theme, especially when we want to change our career. We’ve become so closely connected to what we DO that it’s almost part of our identity and who we ARE. So the questions that pop up in our head when we’re looking to change it are often “Do I deserve this? Am I worthy of the promotion/a job that I love/something totally different?“.

I see this pattern often in my clients, and it’s something I’ve worked on for myself for a long time too. To accept that no matter what happens, we are WORTHY of change, challenge and contributing our working life to something that MATTERS to both us and others.

For some the question around ‘being enough’ comes up when they’ve been offered a promotion. Or when they look up in the organisation and have higher aspirations than the position they currently hold. They may hold that burning feeling and need to prove themselves and what they can do. For some people this chase for external validation of ‘being enough’ leads to burnout and medical issues.

It’s important to remember that all skills can be learned. Some will be less natural for you to learn and master, but you can learn HOW to do just about anything.

The thing that can never be given to you from the outside is the true acceptance that you are enough. That doing your best is all you can ask from anyone, including yourself! And that even if something ‘fails’ by external metrics, you’re still always enough. This is something you have to give yourself and it’s a fundamental part of change.

Sounds like a simple thing to accept, but for most people it’s something they need to work with a coach, mentor or counsellor to achieve.

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