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Time to lean in or lean back?

As we approach the end of this year a lot of people end up in this busy space where they sprint towards the finish line and try to fit as many things as possible in the calendar for the weeks leading up to Christmas and the New Year. Others decide that ‘why bother now? ‘ and lean back to await the new year and the promises and solutions that feel like they are magically available on the other side of the stroke of the last midnight of the year.

Something I often talk about with clients is how you know when the right time is to lean in and make things happen vs. leaning back and allowing things to settle. I wish there was a magic pill for this. Whether you operate from a thinking to allow balance, flow or something in the middle, the simple truth is that you need both leaning in (action) and leaning back (reflection).

As a coach my job is to help people find their own version of this balance. More often than not though people need more help to lean in, because most of us tend to hold back and need a level of certainty in the outcome before we dare to do anything.

So with a few weeks left of this year, why not try these 3 simple things to move yourself closer to where you want to be.

  1. Reflect: What did you set out to do at the start of this year that you have not done yet? Were these things truly important you YOU or just things that you thought you should be doing. 
  2. Lean in: Don’t take your foot off the accelerator yet! Which 1-2 of those things that really matter to you could you still do something (big or small) about now to move you closer to what you set out to do?
  3. Dream big: Set an intention for tomorrow and onwards. Regardless how close you are to New Years Eve and all the promises of tomorrow, make sure to set an intention or at least a theme. Are the next 30 days/3 months/12 months going to be focussed on health, education, career or something else? Picking a theme will help you stay on track and gradually grow the muscle of leaning in.

If you are ready to lean in I welcome you to join my new Transition Trailblazer Program. Not only does it include 1 on 1 sessions with me to set your intentions, find your unique strength and skills as well as moving you forward and setting specific goals that matter for you. It’s also supported by online modules to keep you on track between the sessions. Get in touch here to find out more!

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