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The turning point for every expat

You know those times when you hit the fork in the road. You’ve had them. Those moments when it’s time to choose. When almost every fibre in your being says “it’s time”. When the little voice of reason, doubt and ‘holy-sh*t-ness” hits you hard.

A true turning point can come at any time and often tells you something you already know perfectly well. But you might not have been prepared to really understand it or take action until now.

The other day I held a webinar about that famous fork in the road. In the webinar we go into much more detail about why we get to certain points and why we feel the way we do, but I wanted to share some of the key things here with you as well.

The most common reasons we get to the crossroads:

  1. The end of an era. Something in your life has come to an end either suddenly or planned. Maybe you’ve finished studying, wrapped up in a previous job or a relationship ended. The key question going through your mind is ‘What now?‘. Most of us have been at this point sometimes in our life and whether or not it’s carefully planned, it’s still very challenging. You can read my previous post on relationships ending here.
  2. Time to grow up? You might have had people ask you this or you might be feeling that well know internal stress building up. That it’s time to settle down, do the right thing (whatever that is) and possibly put an end to some of those travels and adventures you love so much. The question you might be asking yourself is ‘Isn’t it time that…?‘ The challenging thing with this fork in the road is that it’s often other people or external expectations in some way that generate these feelings. Be mindful to not let other people’s opinions take over your mind. 
  3. I’m running out of time. I’ve seen this interesting pattern in clients and expats of all ages. Sometimes it’s triggered by someone who’s been responsible and sensible for too long and/or focussing their energy on making others happy and somewhat forgotten about themselves. If this is you I bet you can’t wait to start doing something for yourself and making your mark in this world. You’re probably asking yourself ‘What do I really want and how do I go about creating that?‘ It’s totally fine not to know where to start, just remember you need to start doing something different today if you want to see some different results in your life. 

If either of these ring true for you, rest assured you’re not alone. The question to ask yourself now is not so much why you got here, but what to do next. If you need some help I’d strongly suggest you dare to ask for it. Because things like this is not easier to manage on your own.

How do you feel about standing in your fork in the road? How did you manage it when it last came up for you?

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