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The start of a journey

It’s hard to know when a journey starts and what exact steps comes first. I have no real interest to analyse exactly what steps come first and second, but I find it key to have awareness around how people tend to go about the first couple of steps of their adventure in general. Regardless of what order they do them in.

Because when people are planning a trip or move overseas, we quickly go into ‘information hunting mode‘ to find out all the things we’ll need/need to do before and after we get to the new place. This is a very natural process and involves many decisions. In fact, I ran a webinar specifically on the topic of making decisions last week, and if you want a copy of the recording, please just send me an email and I’ll be happy to share it with you for free.

It’s important as a traveller to remember that there are many different ways to go about finding the information that you need, but also landing comfortably in the new place to be ready to meet new friends, coping with potential homesickness and looking after old and new relationships as you move.

I believe in making things as easy as possible for people when they are in the excited, yet stressful space of embarking on a whole new adventure. I have learned so many useful techniques of finding an easy way of moving and to make it easier for people who want a comfortable move. I’ve chosen to bundle all this into an online program to support you.

The online program is designed to help you at the start of your journey. It does not matter if you have booked your ticket yet, or you might even have arrived already in your next home. If you want to create a comfortable and powerful move that looks after you and your needs, you can read more about the program here.

The next program kicks off on Tuesday 9 September with our first webinar. Contact me today to find out more and book your spot.

If you’re not quite sure about what steps to take for your next move, I’m also available for a free 20 minute chat to talk a bit about your specific situation. Remember to never overwhelm in silence, just ask for help and it will come your way!