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The sign of what you should do next

I meet many travellers and expats who chose to move somewhere or travel somewhere new because of a sign. The interesting thing is that the concept of signs or indications from above don’t really exist. You see, when we feel that we see a sign that we should do something (or not do something), it’s actually already programmed in our mind in terms of what we are looking for. Let’s elaborate on this one, because this gives you some really cool options!

1) Most of us are afraid to fail in some form. The main difference in people are the ones who often do things even though they are scared and the ones who listen to the fear and chose not to do things because of it. Now sometimes we need to listen to the fear to stay alive, but most often the fear is not life threatening and the thing you hold off from doing is actually something you really and truly want. FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.

2) This leads me to my second point. When we start tuning into ‘signs’ in the world around us we are already using a filter of what we choose to see (and not see). So the question I ask you (and ask myself regularly) is: Are you gathering evidence of why your dreams and hopes should succeed or fail? Silly question you might say. But think about it.

  • Do you tell yourself “It’s no point, it will never happen anyway” or “I just can’t do it“. Or do you tell yourself “This is new and unfamiliar, but I know others have done it before me. I can do it too“.
  • Do you work really hard to save money for your trip, but never manage to get those savings up to a level where you can actually follow your dream? Or do you have a realistic plan of savings and follow through on every pay check on that promise to yourself and your travel dream?
  • Do you listen to other people who give you reasons not to go? Or people who have made a move like this before and can give you all the tips and support to help you succeed?

This is not applicable only to travel dreams. It goes for all of your goals in life. So when you find yourself doing that old familiar thing, dare to ask yourself – Am I gathering evidence of why I should fail or why I should succeed? Only you will know the answer, so make sure to be really honest with yourself. 

I’ve lined myself up for failure many times in my life. In relationships, travels and career. And it started to get very painful as the same things kept ‘happening’ to me. Until I realised that I actually do have a choice. And when you know that you have choice, the results start to speak for themselves. Please do get in touch, because I’m really keen to hear how you are going to use these choices

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