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The power of perseverance

One of the most commonly accepted (and inaccurate statement!) that I hear about moving overseas is that things only happen when the time is right. I’ve never agreed with this, because the concept of measuring things by time units is a bit silly. Who decided that a certain thing needed a specific chunk of time? I think you’ll agree that the most important thing to measure is not time units, but how you feel and what meaningful things and experiences you’ve been part of.

There is something to be said though for not trying to do everything at the same time (and hit definite overwhelm), but rather to break things down and dedicate energy (and a bit of time) do doing things in a certain order.

Many clients ask me how it started for me. How did I find the best way of planning my move overseas and checking things off the list? The simple answer – I went and did it. Tried different ways during different moves to a few places and realised that a system only based on a practical checklist is not good enough.

I’m not a robot and I’m pretty sure you’re not either. That’s why there are feelings involved when we move. Which is exactly why I designed the Expat Survival Kit online program to help people with practical and emotional steps along the way.

If you’re after the short version – the key thing that determines a good move is your ability to persevere, stick to your plan (allowing for a bit of flexibility) and your 100% commitment to create something new and exciting.

You see, great things rarely happen by accident. You might see people around you who seem like they breeze through relocations, finding a new job or having a beautiful relationship with their partner. But overnight or effortless success in any area of life is pretty well non-existent. Success and happiness comes from the ability to persist through challenging times. To make different choices. To ‘show up for the rehearsal‘ even if no-one else is there.

My online program will show you how to do this for your move. But in terms of taking the steps and showing up – that’s all up to you. Choose to make 2016 the year when you follow through on the promises you make to yourself, whether they are around a big move or something completely different.

I also want to wish you a truly Happy New Year! I hope you celebrate with loved ones and plan exciting things for your year to come!

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