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The new place – the new opportunity

When you’ve been in the same place (or job or relationship) for a long time you tend to get very comfortable with what you have, because it’s both familiar and predictable. What a familiar place does not tend to offer however is adventure and variety. But when we have too much certainty and stability in our lives we get bored. How then can you work with these two needs and still create change in your life?

  1. The best place to start is to gain perspective of what you already have and what you want to have in the future. One of my absolutely favourite things about travelling or moving to a new place is the amazing perspective that it gives you.
  2. If you feel a bit stuck or stagnated – go away for a weekend or a longer trip. Pay attention to the contrast of that place in relation to what you have at home. Do you like it? What part of it would you like to have more of?
  3. Bring it home or stay around. Wherever possible, bring the inspiration back home with you. If you feel that what’s waiting at home is not compelling, make the decision to stay a bit longer. It does not matter if it’s just an extended trip or a plan to actually live somewhere for a longer period of time. Sometimes we need time away to get clarity on what we want.
  4. Take action. When you have gained the insight and clarity of what you want, you need to take action to have it in your life. A short trip can be life changing for some people and they are more than happy to bring the learnings and realisations back home with them to share. Others realise that what they have at home is not what they want. If that is you, you’ll need to take action to create a life somewhere else. If you’re unsure of how to go about that, I’d strongly recommend to check out my online program.

Sometimes we need to come out of our regular environment to realise what we’re capable of, who we choose to surround ourselves with and what we really want. Use the perspective that travelling and relocation can give you to create a life that you really want. Because nothing in our lives really happens until we decide and start moving.