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Travel core needs – the need for significance

This week we continue our travel mindset series about the core needs you need to ensure to meet when travelling and moving overseas. We have already explored the need for certainty and the need for variety in previous weeks, so feel free to go back and have a read of them before you have a look at today’s post.

  1. The need for certainty/safety/comfort
  2. The need for uncertainty/variety/adventure
  3. The need for significance
  4. The need for love and connection
  5. The need for growth
  6. The need for contribution

Significance is a very important core need that sometimes is forgotten in the buzz of day-to-day life. This need is about feeling/being important, validated and that we matter. Everyone has this in every relationship they have, but it depends a bit on you how you go about getting this need met.

Essentially – when we don’t feel acknowledged by someone, this need is not being met. It’s especially important when you’re in the process of moving, to show others how significant and important they are to you. Practise this in an empowering and sustainable way and you’ll notice the difference around you. A great place to start these conversations is at the dinner table or even in the car!

Some different examples of how this need can be met:

Resourceful significanceUn-resourceful significance
Giver of significance (empowering others & celebrating with them)Getter of significance
Being a leader of self and others (champion and inspire)Putting others down – rebellion
Walking your talkGossip
Becoming really good at your craft & reaching your goalsBeing a victim/martyr


At times in your life you have probably encountered the red column, and it’s quite common to see this (or event do it yourself at times). I have seen a lot of un-resourceful significance play out over the past few years, especially in work places. If you happen to be around someone who is a getter of significance, you really only have 2 choices. Either give them significance by honest and truthful praise and encouragement or remove yourself from the situation.

From a travel and relocation perspective, if you feel that you don’t get enough significance from people around you (maybe they don’t quite understand you decision to move) you can still fulfil this need resourcefully. How? By leading yourself into your journey and beyond. By backing yourself, walking your talk and giving yourself encouragement and praise for the steps that have brought you here. Some great questions to ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I feel very important?
  • How often do I feel acknowledged and listened to?
  • How often do I truly listen to myself?
  • When was the last time I rewarded myself for a good thing I did?