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The most beautiful gift

Remember a time when you gave someone a present that truly lit up their face? That gorgeous smile when they unwrap the paper and look up just at you. Something they would never normally get for themselves. Something they had waited to get, because it was a bit too much. Something they had looked at for so long.

The amazing thing is that most of us are so good at giving to others. And this seems to go for many things around time, gifts, energy and care. What we are not so good at is doing the same for ourselves.

So many of us dream of the trip of a lifetime or to follow that dream of living in another exotic country. Lots of people never follow this dream. Because it’s easier for most of us to give to others than to give to ourselves.

Three simple truths about following your dream:

  1. Give yourself the gift to go for it. No-one else can follow your dreams for you. Give yourself the time and opportunity to fulfil what you want.
  2. We always regret the things we never did more than anything else. Don’t regret. Live and learn by actually doing what you want. If things then change along the way, so be it.
  3. We’re all scared. Because we simply don’t know what’s going to happen. And it’s ok not to know. Because every single person who set out on that journey before you have felt the doubt, worry and butterflies in their stomach of what comes next. Fear is never a good reason not to do something.

For some people it takes time to work up the courage to follow their dream. Just remember that the gift to yourself of following your journey is the most amazing thing you could ever give yourself. Dare to give to yourself in the same way you give to others.

What step will you take today towards your big adventure?