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The magic question – is there more?

“Is there more to life that this?”

Most of us choose to study something when we are in our teens. We then either realise that was not really for us and choose something else OR go onto work in that specific field for a few (or many) years. It’s pretty obvious that when we do something for long enough we usually get reasonably good at it.

But when what we do for work stops being fun and challenging, we start asking a very different set of questions:

  • “Is this it?” 
  • “What else could I be doing?”
  • “Is there more to life and career than this?”

If you’re asking any of the above questions, the answer is yes. Every human being will continue to grow their entire life. How each person goes about this will naturally look different, and some people need more help than others to transition between the different stages. 

This does not mean that you can’t experience gratitude and happiness at times where you are at now! Being present and grateful in the now is key for life balance, strength and joy. And let’s face it, it’s pretty rare that every area of our life is challenging and hopeless at the same time. 

What this comes down to is how you set your intention for the future and asking yourself one pretty simple question: “Is where I am now stopping me from growing and developing towards my intention and vision?”.  

As we grow, we will always experience and learn more and constantly move towards our place in the world, regardless if we’re physically moving or staying put and experiencing a different kind of journey. This most definitely includes what you do for work and the time you spend there. 

A while ago I wrote about leaving behind a trail you’re proud of, and if you liked today’s article, I’d recommend you check it out!

PS: If you find yourself asking these questions right now, my transition program will help you work through your answer. Get in touch for a free 20 minute chat if you want to find out more!