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Taking steps is easy – standing still is hard?

How come there are some people who just love to keep moving, and others that don’t mind standing still? I find that there tends to be a few different types of decision makers out there, which is what I wanted to elaborate on in this week’s blog post. And regardless how we get to the decision itself, we then behave differently again in what we do after we’ve decided.

How then do we make decisions around travels and other things in life?

  1. We’ve all done it at some point, but some people get stuck here. They struggle to make decisions and weight up pro’s and con’s for a long time. Sometimes to the point where it takes them so long to get moving, that the people they love have already left ahead of them. The most interesting thing though (especially in relocations) is that this category of decision makers often stay true to their choice and remain firm and steady on the path to what they want. With a few scenic stops and breaks in between.
  2. Then there are ones who know what they are looking for and make decisions reasonably quickly. They tend to find information for what they need based on firm criteria of what they want or need, and when they have it’s a ‘no-brainer’ for them to move along to the next stop. They tend to be quite efficient, but sometimes get frustrated by the people in group 1, because they make decisions too slowly. Type 3 can also annoy them a bit and here is why.
  3. The third category of people are the ones who just decide and godo it. They don’t think too much, if it feels right they’ll move along quickly and cannot understand type 1 and 2 who just linger and wait for information to come through.

If you’re travelling or relocating with someone else (or even a whole family) you’ll probably know what I mean, as most groups tend to have a little bit of each one in them. Make sure to allow space for the different personalities on your move, respect their way of deciding, which will in turn help them accept yours. I wrote a post about this a while ago, if you’d like to read it here.

If you’re struggling with a decision around your relocation or move and don’t quite now how to move forward, you can book in a 30 minute session here with me for free.

PS: This week I was also featured in an interview on Expat Woman. I can strongly recommend their network as they have lots of information about migrating to different countries and help your decision.