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Steps towards the right career

I’m all for “ripping the bandaid off” and creating big and powerful change in one sweep. For most people though, career change will involve a few strategic steps, and most often that does not happen in a week or two.

A while ago I shared the concept of The Soft Landing Job, and it’s a helpful thing to get your head around if you have not already. I did have a client ask me a while ago if accepting a ‘soft landing’ or less than perfect job was to settle for less. I thought this was a great question, so I wanted to share my thoughts on this.

Many clients I work with run a procrastination and/or perfectionism pattern around their career. This means that they want to line things up perfectly before they change anything up. Which means that they often stay stuck for way longer than they have to. We’re only human (I used to do it too!), but this is where the power of the soft landing job comes in!

Why a basic interim job can help you create a better career:

  1. It helps us get out of toxic situations. So many people don’t realise that their workplace holds a stronger negative anchor for them than they like to admit. By going to this place 5 days a week, we allow it to constantly take away energy we could be using for something else. Staying in a negative environment is dangerous and soul crushing, much like a toxic or abusive relationship. It’s almost impossible to go straight from darkness to light, so having one (or a few) in between steps to get our eyes and minds used to the light is super helpful.
  2. It helps us heal and let go of performance anxiety. We spend a lot of time at work, but our career isn’t everything! An in between job is often something more basic that what we did before and in an area where we have more confidence in our ability to do it. Knowing you’re not going to do it forever, this gives you an emotional break to do something ‘easier’ whilst recovering from any damage/challenge your previous job(s) might have caused.
  3. It frees up energy and focus. When a job becomes easier and less connected to your identity, things inevitably start to change. Your time becomes more about what else you can do and you’ll naturally find yourself way more energised and inspired to direct your energy towards your future. This is where some of the best reflection on past experiences and learning new skills for your future career can happen.

Once we let go of perfectionism and allow ourselves to take a step sideways (or backwards), we can create change more quickly and more sustainably.

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