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Remember to have some fun too!

Over the past few weeks we have explored core needs and other important things to remember when you move far away. In light of all that, I wanted to have a different focus this week. To have loads of fun!

When you decide to relocate to another country there will inevitably be a lot of things you need to do. But that’s why it’s so important to have fun from the very start of your adventure. Fun is the fuel that keeps you going on the days that are a bit more tough.

As you’re in the middle of packing things up and spending time online trying to figure it all ut, make sure to include some of these things to keep you going!

  1. Have rewards for different steps. Of course the adventure ahead is a reward itself, but until you get there you might need some small rewards to keep you going. So have a look at your to-do-list, break it down in sections and nominate a reward for each section. For example: After the visa application is sent in I’ll go out for dinner with my best friend to celebrate. When the apartment is packed up I get to go for a manicure and look after my poor tired hands. Or When I’ve organised the tickets and travel insurance I will have a nice evening on the couch with a glass of wine and my favourite book. The rewards do not have to cost anything at all if you’re on a very tight travel budget, so just get creative and be kind to yourself!
  2. Make boring things more fun! Packing up your house is probably the thing people like the least, so have a think about how to make it fun. Put on some great music to inspire your mood. Maybe invite a few friends around to help and have some drinks and a laugh while you tackle it together.
  3. Create a check in question. When you feel like everything is a bit serious, get in the habit of asking yourself ‘How could I choose to make this more fun right now?‘ If you learn to associate not so fun tasks with the question of making it more interesting, you’ll eventually enjoy the whole process of moving a lot more. 
  4. You can’t control everything and have fun at the same time. Let go of the need to control everything. Let your hair down and allow yourself to go with the flow a little bit. There is a place for serious tasks, but there is even more space for laughter and enjoying yourself.
  5. Keep your eye on the adventure. When you feel stuck in some part of the preparation or practical items just after you have arrived, remind yourself of  your ‘why’ and how come your started this journey. The small steps of necessity are building blocks for your dreams and adventures.

What are some of your best tips on how to have fun whilst working through your long checklist?