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What REALLY floats your boat?

A few years ago someone told me that “all boats float on the right tide”. I’m not sure where exactly it comes from, but as usual it got me thinking about what it could mean. Rather than looking at the obvious aspect that increased water levels help all boats in the water float more easily, it still does not help all of them to the same extent.

We live in a world that often talks about how most of us have so many opportunities available in our life and career and how we have a responsibility ourselves to go make it happen. But what if you’re in the wrong lake to start with? What if your baggage or boat is so heavy that the tide only helps you a tiny bit, while you watch others sail off easily and effortlessly? How painful is that!?

One key thing I often talk about with clients is that it’s not about being the small fish in the big pond or the other way around. It’s about finding out what pond, river or ocean YOU are meant to be in. And let me tell you, it’s rarely the same one as you started your life in.

Whether you’re physically moving away OR looking to find the right water for you in career and life in general, this is key. Sometimes it’s not easy to start that search on your own. You might not have the right support on your side or tools to know where you’re meant to head to.

Many choose to just accept the weight of their boat and make the best of the pond they’re stuck in, regardless if it makes them happy or not. Don’t allow that to be you.

You see the thing about the tide is that it has a timed window. Unless you do something when the tide is high and circumstances are stronger in your favour – it’s unlikely you’ll find the strength to really follow through.

Now, I’d also like to clarify that this blog post is not for the people who are perfectly happy with where they are at. Good for you, well done and make sure enjoy your pond, river or ocean! But if you need some help to figure out where to go next, I’d love for you to get in touch so we can chat more!