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Ready for a new job in 2018?


I know that I want a new job, but I’m not sure how to work out what exactly that is.

Someone said this to me a few years ago and that’s how the Transition Coaching program was born. Because most people can tap into the feeling of WHY they want to change, but not WHAT specifically to do about it. 

I’ve had quite a few questions recently about the career transition coaching program we deliver and how it works, so I’ve recorded a video that covers all that for you!

If you (or anyone in your networks) are ready for a career change and want a structured program and personal coaching experience to lead you there – please have a look at the video (and forward this link to anyone who might need it).

What people have said about the program:

I came to Emmy at a difficult intersection in my career, I was unsure of what steps I could take to progress from my current position and didn’t know how I could move into a more of a leadership position with my organisation. Emmy was able to help me deconstruct the issue and identify the tools I needed to progress. We then worked through an action plan to overcome the challenges facing me, providing me with short and long term goals.

Even after our first session, I noticed an immediate change in how I worked professionally and felt more empowered to make choices, lead a team from junior position and drive projects in the workplace. I’ve also noticed improved personal relationship as Emmy’s coaching has provided me with the tools to identify and work the best with the different personalities  I come across day to day. – Stuart, Melbourne 


For those of you on the fence, you can trust Emmy and the process she has created. Already committed to making change before I met Emmy, I started talking to knowledgeable people, watching documentaries & Tedtalks, attending courses & workshops, and listening to audiobooks.

I new that would achieve change and was skeptical that a coach was even necessary. Looking back, it has been a crucial component in my transition. Emmy has facilitated my journey in ways that I wouldn’t have thought. Sessions are personalized, adaptive, pointed, insightful, and can bring something to the table that books and documentaries won’t: connection, compassion, momentum, and accountability, to name a few.

There is an overwhelmingly massive amount of personal growth material available to consume. Emmy has already spent years of distilling information and experience into a process that can fast-track your growth. – René, Melbourne