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Ready for a career re-set in 2020?

Every new year tends to have that feeling of hopefulness and new beginnings. That said, the beginning of a new year is also when most people quit their jobs. Sometimes though, people will leave without an idea of what to do next. As brave as this is to just burn that bridge, it can also be detrimental to your career. A healthy career re-set on the other hand is very different. 

In this blog I’ve already shared a wealth of information about career transitions, mindset and practical tools. I’ve now packaged much of that into a completely FREE online career transition program that will take you just over an hour to complete. Yep, that’s it. 1 hour to reposition your career focus in 2020 and beyond. For free!

The key to a fulfilling career is to know yourself well. Most people probably think they know themselves pretty well, but unless we’re willing to do some basic exercises and unpack what we want, what we are good and what we like, it’s very hard to filter through the many job opportunities on the market to find the right fit.

Kind of like saying we want a new pair of shoes, but not having any criteria of size, colour, material or type of shoe we want. Just because you’ve been wearing black leather shoes your whole life, does not mean it’s what you need right now. You need to narrow down the search and tailor it to what suits you and your life now. 

The free online career coaching program helps you narrow down a bunch of things quickly so you can start making a plan that excites you. 

How do I join you might ask?

  1. Sign up for Skillshare via this link
  2. Get 2 months free access to the entire platform with loads of courses (you need to put your credit card details in when you join, but you can cancel at any time and you’ll get plenty of notifications before they charge anything from your card! It’s very similar to a free Netflix or Spotify trial period)
  3. Search for “Emmy Petersson” in the top search bar of the page to find and save the course. I’ve included the course image below so you know what to look for!

online career program