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Podcast: Fast-paced Fun & Taking Action

Podcast interview with Natasa Denman


This podcast interview with Natasa Denman is full of leadership lessons, action taking and using your voice to position yourself for career growth.

She stared out studying psychology and then worked for a big chunk of her career in management roles across the optical industry. But when her husband lost the business he ran, she needed to find another path quickly as her family’s livelihood depended on it.

In this powerful chat she shares how she started her own business, wrote her first book and scaled the business very quickly from there.

Some of the things we cover:

➡ The power of making fast decisions and sticking to them

➡ How to perform when ‘your back is up against the wall’

➡ Building a business and growing your family at the same time (boobs, babies and business!)

➡ Leaning on processes and applying consistency for impressive business results

To listen in simply search for ‘Career-Defining Moments‘ where you get your podcasts or click below!