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Podcast: Courage, Values and Impact

Podcast interview with Lindsey Brown

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This podcast episode is a wonderful journey across strategy, career curiosity and meaningful impact!

Lindsey Brown is not only one of my best friends, but also an absolute powerhouse of a woman with a passion for social justice, diversity, problem-solving and helping people. She has worked across many industries and continents (including running her own business) with a wealth of career moments and pivots to share.

In this honest chat we cover how she went from childhood aspirations of being either a nun, a lawyer or a diplomat (that’s range right there I dare say!) to now setting strategic direction and leveraging technology to solve big picture challenges.

Some of the things we cover:

➡ Definitions of career success and non-negotiable values

➡ The power of time bound career goals and different career chapters

➡ How to leverage being the only one of your kind in some professional rooms

➡ Learning important lessons from non-constructive leaders

To listen in simply search for ‘Career-Defining Moments‘ where you get your podcasts or click below!