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Podcast: Communcation, Health & Fertility

Podcast interview with Karin Hammarberg

karin hammarberg podcast

I absolutely loved this chat with Karin Hammarberg about her career background in the early days of IVF and the blend of clinical care, academic research and curiosity to learn that has shaped her work to date.

She knew from early childhood that she wanted to be a midwife and ‘cuddle babies all day long’ and her career path started as a nurse and training in midwifery.

One of her first career-defining moments came when the first IVF baby was born in Sweden, and this changed her career trajectory and eventually took her from Sweden to Australia to continue both her work and studies.
Karin’s true passion is to give patients a voice and understand the complex problems around reproductive health and ultimately ask better questions. Her research focuses on two simple, yet complex questions “Where is the problem?” and “What can we do to help?” and she’s keen to make research in the reproductive and infertility field accessible and understandable for anyone.

Some of the things we cover:

➡ The value of becoming a student again as an adult with significant work experience

➡ Leaning into new things and jumping onboard even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out

➡ Culture shock of moving from one country to another whilst staying in a similar role in the same professional field

➡ Her passion for translating technical medical research into content and frameworks that anyone can access and understand

To listen in simply search for ‘Career-Defining Moments‘ where you get your podcasts or click below!