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Podcast: Non-Linear Career Building

Podcast interview with David Shriner-Cahn

david shriner cahn

Join this eye-opening conversation around smashing plateaus, non-linear career progression and a great deal of vulnerability!

David Shriner-Cahn started out in engineering (something that was strongly encouraged by his family), but when he was made redundant in one of his first corporate jobs, despite performing well in his role, he changed paths and has never looked back.

In this episode, David shares his winding career story and some of the career-defining moments that have led him from the corporate world, via the not-for-profit sector to his own consulting business.

Some of the things we cover:

➡ How to refocus after losing a job and coping with feelings of shame after being made redundant

➡ Using proposals, rather than a CV or resume to pitch yourself and the value you bring

➡ Building alternatives and always having a plan B (and C) + multiple streams of income

➡ Finding a process for how you approach and map out your working life and coming back to it whenever you need to

➡ How to build healthy and practical space for a career sabbatical

To listen in simply search for ‘Career-Defining Moments‘ where you get your podcasts or click below!