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Not happy to be back at work?

So the holidays are over for this time and many of you out there are probably not too happy about it. If you were really dreading to come back to work this week, guess what… You’re probably not in the right place!

So many people seem to think that work is just work and that it does not need to be fun or rewarding as long as it pays the bills. This mindset is of course perfectly fine if you’re happy about it overall. If not, continue reading! I know plenty of people who love what they do almost all the time, and isn’t that a whole lot nicer to spend all those work hours in a good space rather than wishing you were somewhere else?

I always share with my clients that the right role or career needs to have 3 prominent things:

  1. It is something you’re naturally good at. It’s a pretty big waste to focus all your energy on changing who you are at your core, when in fact you have many talents, skills and personality traits you’re already good at and that you could easily develop further. Chances are that you’re already working with something you’re pretty good at.
  2. It’s something that is fun and that you actually enjoy. Just because you’re good at something does not mean that you enjoy it, and I’ve had many of clients come to me because they started doing something many years ago and got stuck doing it just because they were skilled at it. Unless you enjoy your time at work and have fun with the role, clients or co-workers – it won’t fulfil you in the long term.
  3. It’s challenging and allowing you to learn. We’re constantly growing (yes, all of us are!) and unless you have a role or career that challenges and stretches you to learn new things from time to time, it’s not going to last.

the right job role and balance

Of course there will always be great days and not so great days in any job, but make sure to have a clear picture of how many days a week you want to actually be excited to go to work and really make a difference in your own and unique way. My personal rule is that I want to make sure I’m happy at work at least 4 out of 5 days a week, and if I’m not, I owe it to myself (and the people I work with!) to find a role more aligned with my version of the 3 key points above.

I believe life is too short to stay in a situation, role, country or relationship that does not make you happy. And with the amount of hours we spend at work these days, it’s pretty important that we do enjoy it at least most of the time we’re there.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering what to do next? If you are keen to make 2017 the year where you find your sweet spot in your career, you should consider joining our unique career transition program. It’s a powerful and personalised 6 step program delivered over 10-12 weeks to keep you motivated and focussed. 

People who have already gone through our program share their experience:

“For those of you on the fence, you can trust Emmy and the process she has created. Already committed to making change before I met Emmy, I started talking to knowledgeable people, watching documentaries & Tedtalks, attending courses & workshops, and listening to audiobooks. I knew that would achieve change and was skeptical that a coach was even necessary. Looking back, it has been a crucial component in my transition. Emmy has facilitated my journey in ways that I wouldn’t have thought.

Sessions are personalized, adaptive, pointed, insightful, and can bring something to the table that books and documentaries won’t: connection, compassion, momentum, and accountability, to name a few. There is an overwhelmingly massive amount of personal growth material available to consume. Emmy has already spent years of distilling information and experience into a process that can fast-track your growth.” René, 34, Melbourne

I had no idea what to expect before starting, but my experience with Emmy was great and I always felt comfortable talking to her. Every session was exciting and even fun and I’m glad I did the program as it has really helped me in where I’m at today. I look forward to using my new tools in the future.” Jarrod, 31, Melbourne

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