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It’s not easy to change

This might sound like a contradiction, but I think it’s time to be honest. I keep seeing these ads pop up everywhere to “download a free guide to create massive change easily” across a range of areas in your life. Change itself requires you to do, be and think differently. How hard that is depends on you and your circumstances,  but to say change is easy and effortless would most often be an absolute lie.

What I’d like to share in today’s post are the 3 key principles behind change (who are in their essence very simple).

  1. Why – the driver behind the change. The idea to change is very different to actually put things in motion. So why are  you wanting to change? Does it hurt to much not to change? Remember that a strong reason to change is usually much bigger than just you. A powerful why will include how it will impact you and those around you (and maybe even the wider community).
  2. What’s your system? Ideas are usually easy to come up with, but having a system of how to make stuff happen is usually the biggest part of changing things. For example: if you’re wanting to lose a bit of weight you’ll need a system (new recipes, a training program, healthy habits) that supports your change. We also need some level of external accountability to stay on track. (If you need help with this bit, contact me to find out more about our transition program – a powerful system designed to create step by step change)
  3. How open are you to feedback? Most of us have need to ‘get it right’ which means we find it hard to truly welcome feedback. Many people get stuck in the ‘how’ (point 2), but even more get stuck when it comes to the feedback bit. We simply can’t get it right the first time. Change is a step by step process and sustainable change is not an overnight job. So choose to learn from those who have done it before you, the ones who know you and who are on your team. 

Don’t be fooled to think that change is easy. It’s not. There are no magical shortcuts to change and most people need all of the 3 points above very clear in their mind to actually create it. That said it’s not impossible either, you just need to be strategic how you go about it. 

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