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How to travel with others

Most people prefer to share their adventures and travels with other people to some extent. Some prefer to share almost everything with others to create memories together. Some like to do a fair bit of travelling on their own and only meet up with others from time to time.

Travelling or relocating with other people can be fun, exciting and an extraordinary experience. Unfortunately it also tends to involve some conflicts of interest, frustration or disagreement about money, time and social activities. As travellers we know that this is one of the biggest challenges for people who move countries or travel together.

The key to happy travels is planning. As you may have heard before – ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail‘. Planning does not have to take away the fun and ‘taking things as they come’, rather it helps you make sure you’re on the same page before you head out, which in turn will avoid troubles on the way.
How then do you sit down and plan together? What do you need to do up front and what can wait?
On Sunday 29 June at 6 pm we’ll be hosting a free online webinar taking you through the steps of how to do this and also give you some cool tips on:

  1. – How to find the common ground
  2. – How to talk about sensitive subjects
  3. – To get to the truly fun part of travelling with others

Join us on Sunday 29 June at 6 pm (AEST) for our free webinar and get some real travel gold to bring with you on your travels! Share the registration link with your friends too, or if it’s a travel buddy or partner of yours – why not register and listen in together?