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Have we forgotten how to adventure?

A few months ago my partner and I had one of our usual conversations around how ‘life is short‘ and ‘we really should travel and explore more‘. If you’ve followed me for a while, you already know I love to travel, but it’s easy for time to get away from us. Looking back in the calendar I realised that it had been over 9 years since I’d had a proper travel adventure. 9 years!!! 

I’m not saying that you have to go far away to have an adventure. Having a baby, starting a business/new job or renovating a house can be just as adventurous. For me though, I crave that big trip every so often, as my top values include adventure and exploring. 

So we made the decisions to rent out our place, sell a bunch of things, put the rest in storage, leave our beloved pets with friends and go to Europe for 4 months. Being an expat, I often feel torn between my new life in Australia and my loved ones back in Sweden, so the purpose of this trip is both to both travel AND get a chance to reconnect with my family back in Sweden.

We’ve only got a few weeks now until we fly out for our trip and whereas many people might think we’re crazy to spend our hard earned money on this instead of something more sensible, we could not be more excited to head off!

It’s easy to say to ourselves that “I’ll do that next year” or “Now is not the right time“. There will always be excuses to stay comfortable if we seek them out. The problem is that life is short and before we know it we’ve spent years working hard at something that in hindsight was not really making us all that happy

Everyone needs an adventure from time to time and I’m beyond excited to bring you all along on our adventure across Europe!

As a side note, for any readers out there based in Sweden, I’ve got some great news! I will be offering coaching sessions while we’re in Sweden (more information on this to follow). If you’re keen to find out more about where and when I’ll be available, just email me via and we can chat more!

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