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Guest blog: 6 Key Tips to Relocation – the Healthy and Happy Way

Health and balance is a really important part of relocation. This week I’m excited to share a valuable post by my guest blogger Kylie Bevan!

Imagine you are moving somewhere new.
You are in good health, with energy to spare.
You are excited about the possibilities, with enthusiasm to spare.
You are confident you’ll enjoy the good days and cope with the challenging, with positivity to spare.
Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Is it where you are, physically and mentally? Give each of the three statements a score out of 10, where 0 is ‘not at all’, and 10 is ‘I’ve totally got this’.
How did you go? Are you feeling energetic? Enthusiastic? Positive?

Like to boost those scores? Here are my top six tips to do so, before you leave and once you arrive.

  1. Pick a word or phrase to focus on. Mine is currently ‘best choice available’. Whether it relates to food, exercise, home environment, career or relationships, this mantra gives me permission to make choices that relate to the here and now. Because that’s where I am.
  2. Focus on the good stuff. Take a moment each night to recall or write down three things you enjoyed that day. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Do more of the things that make you smile, and less of the things that you are better off without.
  3. Employ the help of a local, or earlier arrival, in your new location to show, or introduce you to, their favourite health practitioner, doctor, dentist, shopping places, hairdresser, restaurants, weekend location and areas to live. Ask lots of questions, and let them know how invaluable their insights have been.
  4. Take care of you. Get plenty of sleep. Treat yourself to a massage, facial or pedicure – DIY if the funds or service are not available. Meditate or write in a journal to help clarify your thoughts. Patiently remind your self-critic that you are out of your comfort zone and doing your best.
  5. Spend time in nature, with bare feet on park grass, walking along a beach, trekking through a forest or swimming in a lake. Time outdoors not only boosts feelings of wellbeing, by grounding and aligning, but also boosts vitamin D from the sun, vital for mental and physical health.
  6. Embrace the opportunity to become an even better you! Why not take this new chapter of your life to purge poor habits and embrace new healthier ones? What could you let slide, that is no longer serving you? What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t yet? What one thing could you do right now that you know is good for your health?

Kylie Bevan photo[1] Helping people relocate in a healthy and happy way is my passion. I’d love to help you too.

Kylie Bevan, Health & Relocation Coach,