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Free Online Masterclass: 3 Career Questions To Answer Before The New Year

Ready for a break? It’s been a big crazy year for many of us, and most of us need some rest and recovery. When your mind is starting to wind down, it’s also a GREAT time to reflect on a few questions in the back of your mind.

In this short 30 minute online masterclass I’ll give you the 3 questions to consider as you look forward in you career. 

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Many of us tend to park our career planning in the last few months of the year and just aim to ‘get through’ to the holidays. It’s normal to feel flat, tired and just craving a break, AND it’s also a great time to ask 3 simple questions to position yourself for the new year.

In this short 30 minute FREE masterclass we’re going to cover 3 basic questions that you can reflect on over the holidays (and answer in about 15 minutes!) to start the new year with clarity on what to do next!

What we’ll unpack:

  1. Your preferred way of working
  2. Your professional relationships
  3. The tasks and focus areas that light you up

I can’t wait to see you on the call!

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