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Expectations or intentions

I often meet people who are very excited about their new adventure overseas. They are excited to welcome a new beginning and get out of the potential stagnation of where they have previously lived.

Excitement and motivation is a great thing. It can help propel us forward and get us moving instead of just dreaming.

When I first relocated on my own, at the age of 19, I was so excited to get out and see the world. To meet new people, improve my English and see all these places I had only ever seen on TV.

My first stop was San Francisco, California. My expectations of what it would be like were very, very high. I pictured sunshine, pool hang outs, trips to the beach every weekend and meeting new best friends straight away. Visualisations are great, but the problem with the expectations that I had, is that they were all external. Which in turn made me worry. What if the beach did not look as good as I thought? What if the nearest beach was further away than I had hoped? What if the friends I had pictured I would meet never came into my life?

Making your success in another country depend on expectations (external factors) is lining you up to depend on factors way beyond your own influence. You can’t control the weather. You can’t know yet exactly what the city will be like or what kind of people you will meet.

I wish that someone could have told me before I left for San Francisco that I don’t need to focus on expectations. I can focus on my intentions instead.

You see, intentions are internal and completely within our own influence. Instead of expecting to meet a lot of new people, I can arrive with an intention of speaking with and connecting with people I would not normally have talked to back home. Instead of expecting that I will spend all my time on the beach/in the sun I can arrive with an intention that I will enjoy and explore the new city regardless of the weather.

When you set an intention to trust fully that you can handle whatever you meet on the other side, you can let go of the need to know exactly what to expect. 

What is the key intention you are bringing with you on your next move?