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The power of creating vs. maintaining

How specifically do you help people make big changes in their lives?

This is one of the most common questions I get.

The simplest answer to that is that I help people follow a system to allow flow between A) creating new things at the same time as you B) maintain some existing things to support your change

I know, it sounds waaay oversimplified, but it’s by far the hardest balance to find when you’re working towards something new. And more often than not, it’s people standing in their own way (more than they realise) that’s holding them back, not their external (or financial circumstances). But I know you’ve heard all this before, so what’s my point?

The creating:

  1. When you introduce new ways of thinking you’re rewiring your brain (in a good way!) and therefore the results you get. Your internal radio station (your regular thoughts) will always dictate what’s possible. 
  2. Much like when building a new house, we need help to create a new foundation to build on. Coaches, mentors and other people can be vital in helping you do this. If you insist on building it by yourself and with the same old tools, you’ll get an exact copy of the house you already had. And I’m assuming that’s not really what you were after…
  3. Creating is exciting! The older we get, the more ‘rules’ there seem to be on what’s possible, desirable and ‘normal’. When you’re creating something new you get to put all those rules aside and paint on a more or less blank canvas. Now that’s exciting!

The maintaining:

  1. I don’t care what people say, most life changes do take a bit of time. This is not a bad thing at all, it helps us get used to the idea of the new thing and transition in a way that really works and will stick. 
  2. In times of change we need certainty to lean on. To have a steady income, support from friends and family and some other key support pillars are vital. In my programs I always cover these areas so that people can create responsible and sustainable change. 
  3. Once we’ve created a new plan to do something different, we need to start doing things differently on a regular basis. If your plan is to get fit, you’ll need a training schedule, accountability and some routines that will help you train every week. Starting small and increasing over time seems to be the magic pill here. As an example, I set out to blog weekly when I started this website in April 2014, and by following that small goal I now have over 150 articles and blog posts. It did not happen over night!

Naturally the change also means doing a ‘wardrobe clean out’ of things you no longer need to maintain and for most people that’s the hardest bit, but oh so liberating once it’s done!

If you’d like to read more about my programs and how they work, have a look at this!