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Career Confidence: Special Offer Coaching Bundle

Want to come across more confident and stop doubting yourself?

career strength coaching

I wish there was a quick fix (sadly there isn’t), but there definitely is a shortcut that most people ignore!

Career confidence comes from believing that we CAN do something, and it’s a muscle to build. How can you build it faster?

By getting really clear on your strengths and leaning into them! Knowing what we’re good at makes us more aware, compassionate and curious when it comes to learning something that’s not as easy for us.

So how do I build career confidence?

Give yourself the gift of a strengths unpack session with me! This can also be bought as a great gift to someone you care about who needs some career clarity and confidence.

This simple, yet powerful coaching bundle includes:

🔑 Access to DISC online profiling test to unpack your skills, strengths and blind spots
🔑 1:1 Profiling Session where we’ll unpack your unique DISC profile (45 min via Zoom)
🔑 Lifetime access to both my online career coaching programs.

Knowing yourself better AND being able to leverage it at work; sounds like a win-win doesn’t it! What have you got to lose?

This bundle is worth over $400, but it’s available for only $199 until 31 Dec 2022. (Coaching session can be held anytime within 3 months of purchase.)