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Career Confidence and Backing Yourself

How to Build Confidence and back Yourself

The lovely Heather Jean recently interviewed me for her podcast and we delved deep into the concept of confidence, career and backing yourself

We unpack a range of career confidence topics, including:

  • Being Clear on What You Don’t Want 
  • Balancing What You Want Outside of Your Work Life 
  • Have the Confidence to Back Yourself 
  • Soft Landing Jobs 
  • What to Consider When Making a Career Transition 
  • “Failure” – What it Means, How to Re-Define & Allow it and Letting Go of Fears
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem and Belief in Your Ability 
  • Managing Your Impostor Voice & Triggers :The Soloist Who Struggles With Help
  • Reclaiming Confidence and Choosing Your Response to the Voices in Your Head 
  • How to Handle Unsupportive People Around You … Finding Your Inner Circle Team 

I had such a blast chatting to Heather, hope you enjoy this episode too!