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The best books to help you navigate life transitions

There are soooo many books, articles and podcasts out there that can be helpful when things are changing around you. Some of them would be very specific for your type of challenge (like moving to a specific country or changing jobs in a very niche industry) and others might feel really general, but still be hugely helpful. The thing is that when we move from the famous comfort zone to something new, we will get overwhelmed. It’s pretty much inevitable, and that’s when some tips around where to start come in very handy.

It’s important to remember that any big change requires 2 types of thinking and awareness:

  1. The specific stuff about what specifically you’re looking to do (location, role, skills etc) AND
  2. The general understanding and way of thinking that will help you through pretty much any type of change or challenge.

And as you can imagine; when we look for general books to assist us, the overwhelm gets even bigger! So here are my top 4 favourite books to help people navigate pretty much any big change in your life:

1: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Why? A great place to start for an easy to read and powerful set of tools for any transitions that might scare you or make you doubt yourself. This book has been around for a while, but I re-read it about once a year and I still find new levels, tips and things to focus on every time!

2: Daring Greatly by Brené Brown. Why? When we’re embarking upon a new adventure we are naturally excited, but also so much more vulnerable. In this fantastic book Brené Brown navigates the complex topics of shame, guilt, vulnerability and true courage. This is a must read for both men and women to understand why they feel the way they do and how to move forward.

3: The Power of Receiving by Amanda Owen. Why? Based on 20+ years of research this light and refreshing read will help you allow the right kind of support into your life and avoid ‘burning the candle at both ends’. This book is especially powerful for strong women who wear all the hats in their life and relationship and are unsure how to manage their energy levels. In a big transition this is so important!

4: The Values Factor by Dr John Demartini. Why? If you don’t live in accordance with what you truly value, your life will at some point start to feel empty or pointless. This book shares some very simple, yet super important strategies on how to work out what your values are and how to live and work in accordance with them.

Now I’m curious – what books have been your favourites during challenging times in your life? Feel free to share in a comment below so we can all expand our library and support tools!

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