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Be where your hands are

Sometimes it’s not easy to be fully present. Especially at during the holiday season when many of us have so many people to see and so many things to organise.

So I wanted to share something simple, yet fantastic that someone told me the other week. A you man I was chatting to said that the best way to stay grounded and keep life simple is to be where your hands are. When your mind starts to drift to the ‘must‘, ‘could‘ or ‘should‘, just stop and look down at your hands.  Choose to live where you are right now.

That’s when were can really appreciate the things we have, change the things we don’t like. And most of all be right there in the moment, even if it’s just for a little while.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas and festive season and I hope you are with people (in person or spirit) that you care about and enjoy being around.

Remind yourself to be where your hands are. The moments that pass are worth more somehow when we acknowledge them in the moment as they happen, rather than much later on.