Relocating to a new place?

Our online programs provides the steps every expat needs

Free Relocation Support Program

Dreaming of or planning a relocation, but not sure where to start? This free online program gives you all the basics to get started, including:

  • How to work out what you really want
  • What practical steps to take next
  • How to prepare for your new life on the other side
  • What type of thinking will help you land faster
  • What you need to do and in what order

Relocation Kick Start Online Program

This relocation program is the ultimate shortcut to moving overseas and feel ok once you’ve landed. After completing this course you’ll have an overview of the things that really matter most when you’re heading overseas.

So many people never tell you that moving overseas is more emotional than you can ever imagine. And even if you have moved before, it’s likely that every single move from now onward will feel very different, because let’s face it – things change all the time!

We have bundled the practical action points with the emotional things that will come up along the way and give you all that you need to get moving. Across the 5 sections we cover the practical things you need to do, when you need to do them as well as lots of tools on how you can cope with any challenges that come up along the way. All for less than the cost of a new suitcase!

Who is your coach?

Emmy is an experienced coach who has worked with people in transition between countries, career changes and challenging life situations since 2013.

She’s a believer in breaking things up into manageable steps and help people just like you manage different life transitions.