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Leverage Linked In free event

Optimise and Leverage Linked In

Do you have a profile and want to improve it? Or are you brand new to using Linked In? No need to panic, I’m here to help!

If you’re not actively using Linked In you are missing out on a huge platform to build your professional profile and find exciting job growth opportunities!

Linked In is a resource most people don’t leverage enough when it comes to:

– Job applications
– Professional networking
– Internal promotions

In this short FREE masterclass I’m going to give you 5 power tips to take your Linked In profile to the next level AND position yourself for better opportunities at work! Regardless if you’re looking to move into a new job or planning to grow where you already work, this short masterclass will give you simple hands on tools to use straight away.

Build Your Professional Brand

Wondering why you don’t get the recognition you feel like you deserve at work? Focus on building your professional brand!

Join this short online masterclass where I teamed up with Lucy Owens from Style Rises!

We share 6 powerful tools and tips with you to help you build your professional brand and position yourself strongly for career growth in 2023 and beyond!

Professional brand webinar